1. Fort McMurray Golf Club

The Fort McMurray Golf Club is still in the process of rising from the ashes, but they are up and running and the Kitchen is better than ever. The entire clubhouse was a victim of the fire, indeed the conflagration jumped 200 metres across the river to make its point, and the community was not impressed. The building may be gone but the breakfast after nine holes are still most welcome, the steak sandwich melts in your mouth, and the daily features are thoughtful, innovative and delicious. For the non-diet conscious, the poutine is served with fresh Sylvan Star cheese curds and a rich rosemary-infused gravy – a sinful extravagance.

Patio, $$

3-100 Real Martin Drive, T9H 4V9

2. Jaguar Lounge

Every town has a bar like Jaguar’s. Quietly tucked away in a small neighbourhood it’s almost a secret; but when you find it, you never want to leave. In the tradition of many small great bars, the Jaguar serves up only a few things on its menu. It has fries, and it does hot-dogs the match of any in the town. Its specialties are Caesars, for which it is rightly famous, and popcorn. Yes that’s right, popcorn. Theirs is the best we’ve tasted in a long while, and it’s as good a reason as any to come out to the comfortable coziness of the local suburban watering hole.


3-142 Dickins Dr, T9K 1X4


3. Moe T’s Pizza

Moe T’s Pizza is said to do the best wings in town. Those bragging rights are hard to quantify, but they are very good, and the pizzas are up there with the best. The specials are bargains and the battered mushrooms are a delight as are the potato wedges and mozza sticks. It’s good simple food designed for in front of your TV, which is good news as Moe T will also deliver to your door.

Take-out, Kids, $$

#5, 142 Dickins Drive, T9H 1X4