1. Asti Trattoria Italiana

Located on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Morrison Street, the Asti Trattoria Italiana brings an Italian-inspired cuisine to the downtown core. The fine dining atmosphere is classic and creates the opportunity for a date night, family celebration, private event or business meeting. Asti’s overall menu essentials present the traditional Italian taste of creamy sauces of tomato with freshly-made portions of penne, linguine and fettuccine pasta. A menu item must-have is the chef featured Sicilian mussels from Newfoundland served in a spicy Pomodoro sauce with fresh fennel.

Reservations, Kids, $$

#200, 10020 Franklin Ave. T9H 2K6


2. Bailey’s Pub

Inside the Stonebridge Hotel, Bailey’s Pub has an extensive menu, and watch out for the specials as well. Taco Tuesday is followed by Wing Wednesday and Build your Burger Thursday. Steak sandwich Sundays is also worth a visit. On the menu, the beer burger has beer-braised onions and mushrooms with Swiss cheese and garlic aioli. The Benny burger, all the benny-fits of eggs benedict included, is also one to try. The smoked stuffed chicken leg is something not seen too often on a bar menu and is filled with Chorizo and Havarti. Appetizers are exciting too; smoked bacon and duck meatballs and piggy wings made from pork belly are just a couple of the interesting and delicious starters.


9713 Hardin Street, T9H 1L2


3. The Bean House

Underneath the Nomad Hotel, The Bean House has been a little gem of a coffee shop for some years now, right in the downtown. It is perhaps the most placid and comforting coffee shop in the community, and smiling staff will serve you excellent lattes and hot chocolates, delectable treats and sandwiches from the same kitchen that serves the hotel’s basement bistro, Live Bar and Grill, (see review) so well. Come for the coffee, arrange a meeting and stay for the comfort of eclectic armchairs and the space to stretch and enjoy a break.

Wi-fi, Take-out, S

10006 MacDonaldAve. T9H 1S8


4. Blue Mountain Bistro

The Blue Mountain Bistro is nestled incongruously on the ground floor of the municipal building. The atmosphere is Parisian café, albeit under glass to protect against the winter, and the coffee is strong, rich and Jamaican in origin. For lunch, indulge in the artisanal cheese and charcuterie plate with a side of pistachio and avocado bruschetta, (even pronouncing this sounds sexy, so share it with a loved one). Meanwhile, the best test of a coffee bar is how they do cappuccinos, and this one is veering towards sublime, and gets there with the optional shot of Baileys. Healthy breakfasts include an egg white wrap or homemade granola and the grilled cheese sandwich done with aged cheddar, mozzarella, and honey on multigrain is sinfully fun. The meatball panini is for sharing as well, as it’s too big for one.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, Patio, $$

9909 Franklin Ave #138, T9H 2K4


5. Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is a superior pizza chain in 350 locations across Canada. The pizzas are good, the restaurants clean, the service staff friendly, and half of the building is made over to a walled off bar with the same menu and enough screens to watch all the hockey in the world. In addition, they do the traditional North American starters, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, salads and main courses, (the steaks and ribs are really good, even by Alberta standards). The kids’ menus keep the little ones quiet, they can do gluten free, and watch out for the specials in the middle of the table, always worth exploring. The spinach and artichoke dip and the flatbreads are stars of the starters, the pasta dishes are big enough to share or pack the leftovers for lunch the next day, and the pizzas are, not surprisingly, worth making the trip. In addition, they will deliver everything on their menu, so if you want to stay home give them a call.

Reservations, Take-out, Kids, $$$
10202 MacDonald Ave. T9H 1T4


6. Cedar’s Bakery

Cedars Bakery, tucked in the corner of the downtown, brings the taste of the Middle East to Fort McMurray. There is a strong Lebanese influence on the menu with kebabs, rice, and fresh vegetables featured. The pita bread is the best in town, along with the hummus and the chicken shawarma is delectable. Afterwards, you can stock up on groceries and even take some of the pita bread home.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, Vegan, $

8102 Fraser Ave. T9H 0G1


7. Chez Max

No matter what time of year it is, guests feel the warmth of the Caribbean shores once inside Chez Max Jamaican Cuisine. Located on the way to MacDonald Island in the River Park Green high rises, food lovers satisfy their Caribbean cravings with menu options like jerk chicken, curried goat, oxtail and much more. The Big Man Special is one of the many popular options, as it has been served to the World’s Strongest Man Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, also known as ‘The Mountain’ on the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, Vegan, Halal, $$

100-117 21 MacDonald Dr.
T9H 4H1


8. Clearwater Cafe at Boomtown Casino

The Clearwater Café at the Boomtown Casino is more than just a refueling station for gamblers and late night citizens. This is the place to test the decadence of an all-day breakfast as the restaurant stays open until two in the morning. Champagne and fried eggs anyone? The sweet chili chicken is worth ordering, as are any of the four breakfast items and the wings, especially the teriyaki. Burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and salads round out the menu, and the create-a-basket option fits the grab-and-go atmosphere perfectly. Both of the fish and chips options, haddock or cod, are good luck choices for late night fare, irrespective of your run of luck at the tables.


9725 Hardin St. T9H 2K5


9. Cora’s

Cora’s specializes in breakfast and brunches and their emphasis is on fresh fruit, both as a feature and as a towering side to most plates. A skyscraper of apple slivers along with and a medley of fruity goodness decorate the dishes, and even the eggs Benedict choices are coloured with mandarins, melons and maybe even a mango. Smoothies and fruit cocktails abound, check for the flavour of the day. If you are having difficulty deciding you can’t go wrong with one of the crepe servings, savoury for starters and fruit for dessert. And pause at the rebelliously good section of the menu. Breakfast poutine sounds wrong but isn’t, crepe hot dogs are sinfully good and the brunch burger seems as large enough to tide you over for a meal or two extra. If the restaurant is full, and it is popular enough to be so, they will also do take out for you.

Wi-fi, Kids, Take-out, $$

#27, 8528 Manning Ave. T9H 5G2


10. Earls Kitchen + Bar

Earls Kitchen and Bar is a popular gathering point for the start of an evening’s entertainment. The bar is elegant and can get quite buzzworthy at times. On the other side, the restaurant is designed for comfort wide open in layout, the scene of the to-be-seen. The weekend brunch menu is much talked about, and for good reason, and the chain is not afraid of spicing it up a little. From delicious appetizers to decadent desserts, this seasonally-updated menu is sure to please all palates!

Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $$

9802 Morrison Street, T9H 5B8


11. Eat Clean

Eat Clean Healthy Grill and Juice Bar is a tacit indicator that the Alberta myth of red meat and fried vegetables as a dietary standard is fast disappearing. Health conscious locals are embracing the new options available and this is one of the places to enjoy tasty food while feeling delightfully virtuous. Everything on the menu is worthy of scrutiny and a taste test. The spinach chicken wrap is tender and filling, as is the chipotle steak wrap with yams. Burgers are made with lean beef or bison. Both the pasta sauce options, tomato basil, and pesto, are tingly fresh and there are enough other delightful choices to make a return visit a must. Our pick of the bunch, however, is the tomato avocado soup, an unusual combination done to perfection, and one that beckons us to return.

Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $$

8102 Fraser Ave. T9H 0G1


12. Fatburger

Fatburger is better than its name with a style that is folksy soda pop stand, and burgers that Jughead would worship. Wings go from mild to melt your mouth and the shakes are so thick you can walk on them. With six different fries and three poutines, this is a happy, happy place to be.

Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $$

#130, 8412 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J3


13. The Fox Den Grill & Patio

Every Spring this restaurant at Miskanaw Golf Club reopens and we are delighted. And every Fall when it closes, we are sad. This little golf club eatery is one of the best secrets in Fort McMurray. The menu is always tempting; try the Grilled Portabella Mushroom Naan-Wich for one, but keep coming back, there’s always more to delight. The Tikka Masala is fragrant and sensuous, the cavatappi pasta a vegan delicacy. In fact we challenge you to find anything wrong with the menu. We believe you can’t. Now if only they’d stay open all year!

Kids, $$$

151 C.A. Knight Way, T9H 4H1


14. Freshii

Freshii is part of a chain of healthy wholesome food creators. Their food covers breakfast, (smoothies, burritos, huevos among choices), meals and snacks. The bowl meals are filling and healthy, with the Oaxaca and the Pangoa well worth trying. Frozen yogurts, burritos (try the baja with quinoa instead of rice) salads, wraps and excellent soups round out the menu. Freshii is a place for great tasting food that won’t suit heavily on the rest of your day.

Kids, Vegan, $$

306-9612 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J9


15. The Frosty Fox (Winter Only)

On the second floor of the Suncor Community Leisure Centre, behind the fitness centre. The Frosty Fox opens when the Fox Den closes for winter from 11am-12am. The menu is similar, to the Fox Den but features a seasonal fare.

Wi-fi, Take-out, $$

1 C.A. Knight Way. T9H 5C5


16. Fuji Japanese Restaurant

Fuji Restaurant has been serving sushi, sashimi, and tempura to Fort McMurrayites for many years and shows no sign of stopping. Freshness is the key and Fuji works hard to make sure only the best produce is used. It’s always good to ask what’s special but the best value is in the combos or the boat for two. If raw fish isn’t for you, the teriyaki entrees come with soup, rice, and sunomono salad.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $$

#200, 8707 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J6


17. Havanas Cafe

Havanas Cafe does two things well. They sell cigars, not relevant to this food review, and they make excellent coffee. This is the place for the hard core enthusiast, those of us who dream of the perfect espresso, the creamiest cappuccino, the lightest latte. There are snacks available as well, delicate pastries, muffins and croissants, biscotti and baklava, all useful add-ons for the serious coffee drinker. Take out is fine, but this is the place to sit down and drink from a proper coffee cup. For a coffee lover, it may very well be the best ten minutes of your day.


1051 – 9713 Hardin St. T9H 1L2


18. Hu’s Pizza

Hu’s Pizza and Donairs is an anachronism, as is the owner, cook, chief wash up guy, and only member of staff, Hugh MacLennan. He’s closed every second weekend to spend time with his kids, doesn’t stay open late and hasn’t changed the décor in years; but the food is divine. Pizza slices that are the perfect mix of content and top-shelf cooking and donairs made from the best ingredients. That’s it, that and pop is all he does, but he does them so well you almost wish he would franchise the secrets. Where else is there a restaurant where the name encapsulates the menu? Hugh at Hu’s is one of the community’s little secrets, but we’ll share him with you when you come and visit.


10020 Franklin Ave. T9H 2K6


19. Jack’s BBQ Express

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner featuring mouth-watering cuts of meat straight from the smoker, Jack’s BBQ Express is celebrating the art of low and slow, but serving it up express-style. Did we mention the Smoked Beef Brisket Benedict? That’ll set your morning right!

Take-out, Kids, $$

1000 Franklin Ave. T9H 2K6


20. Juba Restaurant Somali Cuisine

Juba restaurant offers the food of East Africa. The menu sounds exotic Samboos, mandazi, sabayat and buur are the first four items. Further down there is the hilib ari, spicy encrusted goat that will turn you into an addict, as well as camel, which is a delicacy and tastes like a richer version of beef While the beef liver for breakfast is an acquired taste, the owners should be praised for being proud of their culinary heritage, and visitors who are adventurous will come back often.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $$

8219 Fraser Ave. T9H 0A2


21. The Keg

The Keg is one of those chains where you know what you are going to get and they take pride in doing them right so you come back for more. This is the place for steaks and ribs, although the bone in rib steak is pleasing as well. Afterwards, hang out in the bar areas which seems big enough for half the town to get in.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $$$

10006 MacDonald Ave. T9H 1S8


22. Kozy Korner Restaurant

The Kozy Korner is another Newfoundland home from home, with the best wait-staff in the business and the biggest breakfasts; ham bacon, bologna and a sausage with eggs and hash browns served up with baked beans on the side, a great start to any day. The fish and chips are excellent as well and the staff feels like new friends. On the way out stop at the cake counter and take something home. Go on, you know you want to.

Kids, $$

8802 Franklin Ave. T9H 3N2


23. Fort McMurray Legion (Waterways)

The Fort McMurray Legion Branch #165 is the place to be for food and entertainment. The branch has been newly renovated and the kitchen has been taken over by the infamous Maxine of Chez Max fame. Not only can you head to the legion for a delicious meal, there are often fun events happening for you to partake in. Whether you love bingo or trivia or something in between. The legion has something for you.


9317 Huggard St, T9H 1C4


24. Live Bar and Grill

Live Bar and Grill, in the basement of the Nomad Hotel, hints at its history as you descend the stairs. Previously a tavern of some adventure, it has now become one of the most adventurous foodie haunts downtown. With its rustic décor and delightfully quirky menu that morphs continually, it’s hard to know what will be on the menu. Rest assured though, it’s all good. In the past we have been delighted with the apple-wood smoked bacon, avocado and poached eggs for brunch with heirloom tomatoes on the side, salmon with perfectly crisped skin on a bed of delectable roasted vegetables, and pork tenderloin  with a risotto so good there should be a canal and a gondola outside,  The food is among the best presented in Fort McMurray, artistic artisanal,  with the taste to go with it, and it is one of those places where you feel you can throw yourself at the mercy of your server, who will tell you what is extra special. The desserts are likely as good as everything else, but we have never reached that far down the menu!

Reservations, Kids (before 9pm), Wi-fi, $$

10006 McDonald Ave. T9H 1S8


25. McMurray Newfoundlander’s Club

The Newfoundlanders’ Club is a home from home for the many from Canada’s easternmost province. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is affable and the menu nostalgic. Cod tongues sit side by each with popcorn chicken, wings, buffalo bites and the shrimp and scallop basket. The sandwiches are large and filling, and the pan fried cod with scrunchions (crispy, addictive pork rind) is an experience never to be forgotten. The daily specials are also highlights as well as cultural experiences, and the all-day breakfasts will set you up for the evening. This place gets loud and friendly very quickly and is probably the most welcoming bar in the whole community. Come if you want to have fun.

Kids, $$

#4, 36 Riedel St. T9H 3E1

26. Mitchell’s Cafe

The Chef’s Table, or Mitchell’s Café as everyone knows it, is unique. Everything they do is fresh, different and delightful. This is not so surprising nowadays, but when they first opened fresh produce wasn’t easy to get every day, yet somehow they managed and excelled. Located in the old police station – with an operating jail cell in the basement, so don’t try to short change them – you need to watch for the daily specials, the salads, the soups, the coffee, the fresh baking and the sandwiches, but especially the sandwiches. Their yellow bread is light and fluffy, and one sandwich will do for two meals. All the baking is done in the back, so when they run out, that’s it for the day. Did we mention the quiches and pizzas, the biscotti and scones and the muffins and … If you’re really lucky they’ll have loaves of the yellow bread on sale so you can take it home. You can’t make sandwiches as well as they do, but you can kid yourself.

Take-out, Kids, Vegan, $

10015 Main St. T9H 2G4


27. Montana’s Cookhouse

Montana’s is a family favourite, so if children annoy you go to the bar side of the restaurant. Brown paper on the table and crayons bring out that child in all of us, and the wait staff can all write their names upside down. The kid’s menu is the most extensive one in the town and the main menu offers surprising options. Although by décor and intent a steakhouse, if you venture farther into the menu the smothered mushroom chicken is a worthy meal. Wander too past the traditional rib dishes to the gigantic beef rib bone. You will need a doggy bag to take some home, but’ it’s worth the wait. The specials also need investigating as they are often whimsically experimental and keep room for the desserts, if you can.

Kids, $$

9705 Hardin St. (Peter Pond Mall),  T9H 1L2


28. Moxie’s Restaurant

Moxie’s also aims at the after work crowd, sports bar one side, restaurant the other. Of the steaks, the New York strip is tastier than the sirloin while the Portobello veggie burger is surprisingly delicious. The huevos rancheros on the brunch menu are eggs-cellent, and there is always a game on in the bar where your new friends await.

Reservations, Take-out, Kids, $$$

#100, 9521 Franklin Ave. T9H 3Z7


29. Mrs. B’s Family Restaurant

Mrs. B’s Family Restaurant has finally found a location that befits her status as the family restaurant queen of Fort McMurray The old newspaper offices have allowed her to spread her wares over two floors, and the town is the better for that. Another home from home for the large Newfoundland community in town the focus is on simple food done well and the home-made bread is worth the effort all by itself. The large selection of sandwiches also invites return visits as do the seafood specials, and ask about the Jiggs dinner. If they have it, you want it.

Kids, $$

8550 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J4


30. Original Joe’s

Original Joe’s is another chain destined to seem unchained. We’ve never managed to get past the main menu. Imaginative starters, an impressive lineup of mains, and a weekend brunch menu all impress, including their gluten-free choices. Lastly look at the desserts, but good luck choosing which decadent offering to go with. Best solution? Order them all and share.

Wi-fi, Take-out, $$
8406 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J3


31. Persian Kabob

Persian Kabob is another take-away expanding the multi-cultural palate of the town. The Ash-e-reshteh (vegetable soup) is a meal unto its own and the stews are as filling as they are tasty. Gormeh Sabzi is meat and beans in a wonderful blend, while Khoresht Gheimeh is meat and yellow split peas on a bed of rice. As the name says though, kabobs (kebabs) are the thing and while I intend to try them all, so far I have only made my way partly down the menu and have yet to be disappointed. The ground beef kabob kubideh is simply delicious, and any of the kabobs can be converted to a wrap simply by asking. And we will, again and again.

Kids, Take-out, $

7-8802 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J7


32. Podollan Pub

The Podollan Pub is a sports bar with a convivial atmosphere and an adventurous menu. Come for the game, and next time come back for the food. The ‘appies’ are different to standard pub fare. Try the coconut tiger prawns with a tequila citrus drizzle, the battered pickles, the citrus white wine mussels, crab and prawn cakes and especially the prime rib sliders, which are golden goodness en brioche avec horseradish. Others worth trying are the hot dogs, the stuffed sterling burger for those with fiery hearts, five separate steak dishes and a stuffed bison burger that reminds you why living in Alberta is great. For afters, the espresso coffee crème dessert will keep you awake long enough to enjoy the game. This is a sports bar after all. For those days when the sun is too bright, look no further than the hangover breakfast.

Reservations, Kids (before 10pm), Wi-fi, Take-out, $$$

#201, 10131 Franklin Ave. T9H 2K8


33. Prime Test Kitchen

As the name denotes, Prime Test Kitchen is the research and development location for all of the menu items for Prime Social Kitchen And Prime Bar-BQ. If you’re picturing a clinical lab, erase that mental image. The décor? It’s lux with a touch of rustic. The food? Spectacular. One half of the menu is devoted to some classics; think East Coast mussels in your choice of Sicilian or Curry sauce, or Prime Rib of Alberta Beef. One deep inhalation, though, and the Prime Social Bar-BQ side of the menu will entice you with their slow smoked jumbo wings, or their Oink Cackle Moo – a heaping plate of Memphis ribs, sliced brisket and Dixie chicken, served with BBQ baked beans, coleslaw, cucumber salad, and cornbread. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They also have a games room…just clear your schedule for a full day of fun!

Patio, Kids, $$$

8200 Franklin Avenue, T9H 2H9


34. Ramen Ramen

Ramen-lover’s rejoice! Fort McMurray’s newest restaurant does not disappoint.  Their menu has many different Asian style dishes and the only Ramen soup in town.  Try the four classical broths and house made noodles with unique flavours and spice levels to taste. Make sure to try the takoyaki! The bubble tea and freshly brewed iced lemon tea are certainly reasons to visit time and again.


8102 Fraser Ave. T9H 0G1


35. Saif Restaurant

Saif Restaurant, buried in the back if the Morrison centre is one of those places where it is almost wiser to ignore the menu. The food is Somali representing all that’s best from the horn of African Time and again we have asked the lady in the kitchen for advice and great piles of chicken with pasta or spiced goat with rice and vegetables. The pasta is unusual for African cooking, and is a nod to the Italian colonizers. There are huge heapings of food, and it’s all good so bring your appetites with you.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Kids, Take-out, Halal, $$

9914 Morrison St. T9H 4A4


36. Shawarma Palace

A taste of the Middle East in downtown Fort McMurray. Normally open for breakfast as early as 6 A.M, their hours change during Ramadan from 11 A.M to 3 A.M, catering to all of their clientele. All the food is Halal which may very well be a code word for really delicious. Try the platter, the chicken in particular nuanced in flavour and very filling. The shawarmas are great to go or to eat in, and for the less hungry, try the tabbouleh or the hummus with pita bread. It’s also a great place to take your vegan friends, falafel anyone?

Take-out, Kids, Vegan, Halal, $

1-8720 Franklin Ave, T9K 3K8


37. South Street Burger

South Street Burger has finally opened after a slight delay due to the fire of 2016 and it’s a welcome addition to the culinary spread of Fort McMurray The meat is 100% Angus beef, the flavours are interesting, try the true north with maple infused onions, and there are over 30 toppings to build into your own signature design. They also do a chicken burger and a vegetarian offering, and the hot dogs are top dog.

Take-out, Kids, $$

19 Riedel St. T9H 5P8


38. Spices Indian Restaurant

Spices has an extensive menu that caters to vegetarians as well as the meat eaters sets out to show the community that spicy in this case means tasty, not hot. The masochists among us may ask for the hotter version but there is no need. Everything is appetizing and aromatic and it is definitely a place to try new things. A brightly airy restaurant, simply laid out, hints at the promise of the menu, and what a menu it is. The Amritsari Pakora fish is heavenly, as is the basket of starters. Paneer Burji is one of the best I have ever had, and the lamb kadhai is very special indeed. Dal Makhani is simple yet oh so tasty, and the naan bread is the best ever experienced in this town. For afters, try the mango lassi and drink tea all through the meal, a milky frothy mouthful of exotic warmth. This is a place to go back to again and again.

Reservations, Kids, Vegan, $$

#101, 9616 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J9


39. Spring Moon

Spring Moon has two restaurants in Fort McMurray, downtown and Timberlea. Both offer the same tantalizing menu, and it will take plenty of return visits to even sample every kind of dish. We are fond of the donburi (rice bowls), barbequed eel is spectacular, as are the tuna and salmon sashimi. The mussel miso soup is a different take on the standard classic, and the Sunomono salad, shrimp/octopus/surf clam, is a tasteful take on a starter. Of particular interest are the lunch specials, designed to get you back to work on time.

Reservations, $$$

#103-8528 Manning Ave. T9H 5G2


40. Stacs Fine Food

Whether your in the mood for a quick bite, sandwich to go or the convenience of an oven-ready meal to bring home, Stacs has it all!  With chef inspired daily soups and specials using fresh and local ingredients Chef Steve Niehaus has it covered.  The paninis and the quiche are always changing and foodies can agree this is a great spot – did we mention that they also do catering?


10023 MacDonald Ave


41. Supreme Pizza & Donair

Supreme Pizza is a takeout with atypical extra dishes in addition to the wings/slice/donairs traditional to such places. Excellent calzones, starters that include shrimp cocktail and unusual yet wonderful mac & cheese wedges, and dolmades and spanakopitas so good that plates are in danger of being broken. The lamb chops and potatoes are tasty and filling and the specials drastically reduce the price. There is also a kids menu.

take-out, Kids, $

4-8302 Fraser Ave, T9H 1X1


42. Surekha’s On the Snye

The newly-opened Surekha’s on the Snye is the first eatery available at Snye Point Park. It’s a café and restaurant with a view of the Clearwater River like no other. With their signature Farmhouse Burger and steak-cut fries served during the day and braised lamb with pesto mashed potatoes served at night, locals are already gushing about their menu options. Inside, the ambience is relaxing with modern day décor and outside offers a lot to explore with its pet-friendly patio, large play park and beach volleyball court.

Patio, Kids, $$

2 Clearwater Dr. T9H 0J


43. Tavern on Main Taphouse and Grill

This is a place where you will make friends the minute you walk in the bar. The beer selection is one of the largest in the area with, over 20 countries represented. On the menu, try the calamari starters or get stuck into the wings; the sweet chili is a favourite. Burgers, pizza and pasta are all served well, and special mention must be made of the sandwiches where the Montreal smoked meat is the best, marginally, of a group of worthy contenders. Ask after the soup of the day as well, or indulge in the Asian infusion part of the menu. And if you can, keep some space for the Turtle Molten Bundt for dessert.


9708 Main Street, T9H 1T6


44. Taste of the Orient

Taste of the Orient is the quintessential Chinese takeout with the familiar comfortable food that we all know and love. Chow mein, spring rolls, chicken fried rice, black bean sauce, chicken balls sweet and sour pork. Phone them up, (we like a 45 and an 86), and they’ll even deliver.

Take-out, Delivery, $$

#10, 8720 Franklin Ave. T9H 3K8


45. Townhall Public House Fort McMurray

The Townhall Public House is part of a chain that doesn’t look like a chain. It also has a pizza oven right at the front door that nearly makes the rest of the menu seem superfluous and it was only on the 4th visit that we managed to get into the rest of the menu. The breakfast menu runs till 3 in the afternoon and is crowned by the single or double eggs benedict, though the southwest skillet with chorizo sausage and also eye and mouth-watering. They also offer a gluten-free menu and with over 40 choices for lunch and dinner, it’s hard to pin down what’s best to eat. The truffle fries are exotic, as are the fish tacos. Often the best test of a bar menu is the fish and chips, and there’s is up with the best. The fries are crunchy and the fish is a battered delight. But you will keep coming back for the pizza which has that woody smoky taste reminiscent of the best of New York’s finest.

Reservations, Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $$

8104 Fraser Ave. T9H 1W5


46. Twice As Nice Jamaican Restaurant

Twice As Nice prides themselves on preparing quality Jamaican cuisine. Using the finest ingredients, they set out to ensure authentic Jamaican flavour in every dish, including their Yardman Style Ackee and Saltfish, Roast Jerk Fish, or Cheese Penne Pasta.

Take-out, Kids, Vegan, $$
9925 Biggs Ave. T9H 1S2


47. Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

Since opening in 2013 the Wood Buffalo Brewing Company has set high standards for pub cuisine and beer-making. Local legend Clarence Buchanan has turned it into the gastro-bar standard for the town. He has an impish way with surprising your palate – try the fried bologna sandwich with mortadella, cheese and caramelized onion all on a brioche bun for example. The charcuterie starter delights, the salads are fresh and tasty and the main courses are different enough from the standard fare to surprise and entice you to return. Of note are the Cubano panini filled with pork, ham, salami, cheese, mustard, and pickles; the rustic elk meatloaf; the fall-apart short ribs and the all-day breakfast sandwich which is made perfect with the addition of beer mustard. It is also the best bar in town for beer lovers, and the names of the brews, made in-house, honour the community. From the black gold stout, through seven standards and the frequent special brews to the lift-kit lager, they have a beer for you.

Patio, Reservations, $$

9914 Morrison Street, T9H 1V2


48. World Bridge Buffet

Part of the Stonebridge Hotel building in the Peter Pond Mall parking lot, World Bridge serves food from around the world. The Chinese buffet is very popular as is snow crab night. And who doesn’t like a breakfast buffet. Other treats include the carvery and the chicken balls are a favourite with the young and the young at heart. They will also do a to-go combo for you if you ask.

Kids, $$
9713 Hardin Street, T9H 1L2


49. Yoshi Japanese Restaurant

Yoshi Restaurant is another downtown institution, serving fine food for over a decade. The bento boxes and hotplate dinners are worth trying, the enoki beef wraps are scrumptious as are the beef and tuna tataki. When it comes to sashimi and maki, the combination plates are always good value for money, and the tempura dishes are delicate and crunchy, as they are supposed to be. The lunchtime menu is aimed at quick turnarounds and they do takeaways as well.

Reservations, Kids, Wi-fi, $$
#310, 9612 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J9

Fast Food

A. A & W

A&W is a Canadian franchise of burger restaurants that does things a little differently. Their breakfast muffins are also served on a bun, much tastier, and their reputation was built on their root beer and root beer float. They also do chicken burgers alongside normal burgers, chicken pieces, poutine, onion rings and sweet potato fries.

Take-out, Kids, $

9713 Hardin St.
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2

10023 Franklin Ave. T9H 2K7


B. Booster Juice

In addition to just about every kind of juice, booster or smoothie known to mankind, Booster Juice also serve a willing selection of food; paninis, wraps, quesadillas are all on the list and the smoothies are almost a meal by themselves. Try The UnBeet-able and The Ripped Berry. The Refresher, too, does what its name implies – its mint, cucumber, apple and pineapple mix reaches the taste buds with a satisfying swirl.

Take-out, Kids, $

#150, 9521 Franklin Ave. T9H 3Z7


C. Cosmos Pizza

As well as being well known for pizza, donairs and wings, Cosmos Pizza does a good selection of poutine plates, submarine sandwiches, pasta dishes (the fettucine alfredo pescatori is really special) chicken platters and even fish and chips. If you want real food done the real Canadian way, Cosmos pizza is pretty much your one stop restaurant. And don’t forget a side of Jalapeno poppers or battered mushrooms, zucchini sticks or popcorn shrimp, calamari or panzerotti.

Take-out, Kids, $

9713 Hardin St.
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2


D. Edo Japan

Edo Japan, as befits its location in the food court, serves fast food that is cooked right in front of you. The Teppanyaki grilled food is enhanced by bold teriyaki sauce, and for the brave few as much Sriracha as you can handle. Even the broccoli is palatable when cooked this way. Sushi is fresh and always ready, the bento box meals are great to take away and they also have a kid’s menu.

Take-out, Kids, $

9713 Hardin St.
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2


E. Extreme Pita

Made fresh in store, the Mediterranean Haloumi is a favourite, as is the Chimichurri beef, the shawarma, the fajita and the chicken souvlaki. The pitas come rolled or flat-baked, and you can make your own or pick from the menu. Buffalo chicken is worth trying and you can add a purblendz smoothie to your meal as well. There is also a kids menu and a breakfast wrap.

Take-out, Kids, $

104-19 Riedel St. T9H 5P8

F. Famous Wok

Famous Wok serves take-out and delivery food but as in most food courts, the best way to experience their food is to eat it there. The immediacy of eating piping hot food enhances the flavours considerably, and may even convert you away from take-out. Crispy spring rolls are a favourite as well as fried noodles, ginger beef.

Take-out, Delivery, $

9713 Hardin St.
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2


G. Jomaa’s

Jomaa’s does a few things really well and they are good at them. Don’t visit one of their locations for haute cuisine, but if you want pizza or a donair, one of the Jomaas in Fort McMurray is the place to go. Donairs, in particular, are a special comfort food, and a family favourite is the lasagna.

Take-out, Kids, $

8706 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J6


H. Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice is a wellness restaurant and you can even buy wellness shots as part of your meal. If the turmeric tonic is a bit strong for breakfast, the wheatgrass will do the trick. Avocado on sourdough is a great start to the day as well, and dragon fruit is as exotic sounding as it tastes. Any of their smoothies are filling and nutritional, the blushing mango is a choice option. In addition their vegetable wraps give you a virtuous meal to go and a fruit salad is a better choice than a sinful dessert.

Take-out, Kids, $

9713 Hardin St.
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2


I. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is all about comfort food. You know what you’re getting, and everyone has their favourite. Parents like the convenience, children love the flavour, adults are nostalgic for a cheeseburger or a shake, and everyone loves the value. In addition to the burgers, fries, happy meals, chicken and breakfasts, their coffee is the best of all the food chains in Fort McMurray. There is nothing outwardly Canadian about the local stores on the normal menu. However, watch out for the occasional specials; poutine, maple syrup flavoured treats, salads, and even the McLobster.

Take-out, Kids, 24hrs, $

9608 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J9

J. Mac Island Café

Inside the Suncor Community Leisure Centre, beside the Syncrude Aquatic Centre. This is a small snack bar that is open everyday from 8am-9pm, selling coffee and teas, sandwiches and salads, soups, hot dogs and other snacks, as well as slushies.

Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $

151 C. A. Knight Way, T9H 4H1


K. Mucho Burrito

A fast food service establishment with a difference as the food is made in front of you. While the tacos are good and the quesadillas are toastily tasty, the burritos are the star of the show. Six styles of meat, sauce, rice, vegetables, two types of beans and at least a dozen other choices. They are also licensed and this is definitely a meal that requires a Dos Equis! Don’t forget the churros at the end!

Take-out, Kids, $$

9910 King St. T9H 5A8


L. New York Fries

New York Fries has two main menu items, but they do them really well. The hot dogs come with a mound of condiments and the fries are taken to whole new frame of reference when they are ‘poutined’. Bacon double cheese, chicken parmesan, pulled pork and butter chicken among others are the options that turn fries into a meal of poutine goodness. Our favourite is the chili poutine; beef chili, green onions and real Canadian cheese curds.

Kids, $

9713 Hardin St.
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2


M. Opa

Opa is part of a chain of Greek restaurants. They serve souvlaki drizzled in tzatziki sauce, pita bread, lovely garnishes (have the jalapenos if you dare) and golden fries. Try the signature Opa platter, with a choice of chicken, beef, gyro, falafel, lamb or shrimp. The calamari and salad is a great lunchtime meal, light yet filling, and there’s even a kids’ meal. Pita wraps are great to go, or you can enjoy hummus and pita, tzatziki and pita and falafel, with baklava to finish off. Any amount of customizing your meal is available.

Take-out, Kids, $

103-19 Riedel Street, T9H 5P8

N. Panago Pizza

Panago Pizza offers variety: four sizes, five different types of crust and countless options for the pizza. They will deliver as well, and it’s a happy sight when that golden goodness arrives. All the shrimp choices have been thoroughly tested and not found wanting. The chocolate chunk pretzel cookie is sinfully good and the wings can get a bit heated, from salt and pepper all the way up to sriracha. Like all such establishments, watch for the deals, they’re worth it.

Take-out, Kids, $$

9914 King St. T9H 5A8


O. Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s opened in the wake of the wildfire, one of new food places willing to take a chance on our community. Offering pick-up or delivery and many signature dishes to try! Pizza, wings, garlic bread, wings, and signature dips. Brownies and other desserts too. All very welcome!

Take-out, Delivery, $

8720 Franklin Ave. T9H3K8


P. Pizza 73

Pizza 73 offers life’s staples to Canadians; pizza, wings and pop. Watch out for the specials, there’s always something cheap and tasty. Tandoori chicken is sufficiently different as is the donair pizza, while the wings come in various flavours and as gluten-free, normal and boneless.

Take-out, Kids, $

9613 Franklin Ave. T9H 2J8


Q. Pizza Hut (Take Out Only)

Pizza Hut sells what the name tells you and the choices are pleasingly plentiful. Their wings are also tasty and the desserts are dangerously decadent combinations of Hersheys’ and cookies. The bacon Mac ’n’ Cheese meal is comfort food at its finest and the breadsticks are addictive. You have been warned.

Take-out, $$

8102 Fraser Ave. T9H 0G1


R. Quiznos

Specialize in submarine sandwiches as well as salads, soups, pizza and ciabatta bun specials. They’ll make any combination of the 50 plus ingredients they have. The chicken mesquite is tangy and tasty while the peppercorn steak rivals anything served by more conventional restaurants. For lighter fare, the veggie guacamole is crunchy and wholesome. And the big pepperoni pizza, with 4 cheeses and sautéed mushrooms, is an off-the-wall joy. What a treat.

Kids, $

#4, 9914 King St. T9H 5A8


S. Subway

Subway is the largest submarine sandwich chain in North America and it became so through its fresh food and quality. With a large kid-friendly menu that includes special lunch packs and specialty subs like the chicken and bacon ranch melt, the Italian B.M.T panini, and as many choices as they have combinations of ingredients

Take-out, Kids, $

Downtown 1
#101, 9912 Franklin Ave. T9H 2K4
Downtown 2
#120, 8412 Franklin Ave. T9H2J3
Peter Pond Mall
#2125, 9713 Hardin St. T9H 1L2


T. Taco Time

This is a kid friendly place to learn about Tex-Mex tastes without burning the budget or the tongue. Burritos, tacos, fajitas and nachos sit alongside the quesadillas ad burrito bowls. Salads are served in tortilla dishes and the Mexi-fries, potato wedges, are a nice alternative to the French cut. The Empanadas, tortillas filled with cream, are an addictive dessert, as are the churros.

Wi-fi, Kids, $

9713 Hardin Street
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2


U. Tim Hortons

A beacon of light and delight to all of the eh-team, they make nourishing meals, addictive coffee, iconic doughnuts and memories to share. Don’t be put off by the lines at the drive through. The wait is almost always seven minutes or less. Family favourites include the soup of the day or the chili, the savoury potato wedges that are rib-stickingly filling, and any of the sandwiches. Crullers, muffins, pastries, bagels and cookies abound as well, and always ask what the specials are, they’re worth it. If you travel across this great land plan your journey from Tims to Tims. Lastly, if you are new to our shores, you need to try, at least once, a double-double and a box of Timbits.

Take-out, Kids, 24hrs, $

9701 Hardin St.


V. Umi Thai & Sushi

To have a Thai Restaurant in a Food Court is a sign of an enhanced civilization. Just to be able to order Pho for lunch is a delight, and Umi fits snugly into the palate of the downtown. The food is quickly, spicy and a perfect antidote to shopping weary legs. Sit and enjoy.

Take-out, Kids, $

9713 Hardin St.
(Peter Pond Mall), T9H 1L2


W. Wendy’s

Wendy’s does burgers better is their claim and it’s hard to argue with them. They also experiment with things like the fresh mozzarella chicken salad sandwich, a triple stack burger, and the baconator, which is as unhealthily yummy as it sounds. Their fresh salads are better than you would expect in a fast-food place, with the Mediterranean chicken at the top of the list and there are seven different kinds of chicken burgers as well as the full range of sides and beverages.

Take-out, Kids, $

9701 Hardin St. T9H 1L2


X. Wok Box

The Wok Box as a franchise is not yet 15 years old. Edmonton-based, the one at the end of Franklin serves up a plethora of different food from many different lands. Singapore cashew, Hong Kong spicy, Mongolian sweet, kung pao, dan dan and pad Thai are just some of the choices. The green onion cakes are pretty special and this is one of the few places that will serve proper spicy food. You have been warned.

Take-out, Kids, $

#4, 9914 King St. T9H 5A8



Whether you’re looking for a great lunch option or a sweet treat, you’ll find it at Yogen Fruz. A very common stop after a trip to the Syncrude Aquatic Centre, we dare you to not add the delicious candy toppings! They also serve a wide variety of pita pizzas, wraps and smoothies.

Wi-fi, Take-out, Kids, $

151 C. A. Knight Way, T9H 4H1