1. Black Horse Pub

The Black Horse Pub hides in the corner of a mall. The inside is all about the people and the craic and bonhomie abounds. The menu is typical pub fare, with a few surprises, like a prime rib pepper steak and Linda’s lovely yorkies, two stuffed Yorkshire puddings with beef and drizzled gravy, mash and vegetables. This is the one that brings the punters back, well that and the conversation.

#8, 700 Signal Road, T9H 4V8
780-790-0525 •


2. Blue Diamond Restaurant

The newly renovated Blue Diamond Restaurant is a local gem. Their North American Chinese Cuisine covers all your cravings from wonton soup and ginger beef to a variety of combination plates. Even if you aren’t in the mood for Chinese cuisine, Blue Diamond has options for you like steak and lobster or a toasted BLT. The portions served are a hearty size and you will likely be bringing some home for tomorrow’s lunch.

Kids, Take-out, $$
384 Silin Forest Rd. T9H 4A3

3. The Fish Place

The Fish Place is a Fort McMurray institution. That they have opened for breakfast now makes many hearts happy. Among their many favourites, the fishcakes are perfect and to be able to have them in the morning with poached eggs on them is a good way to start the day. The smoked salmon eggs benedict is also superb. Later on in the day the clam strips are a good starter as are the tiger shrimp but the piece-de-resistance is the Crab Boil feast. You need four people at least, and a special occasion or two, but it’s worth it.

Kids, $$
412 Thickwood Blvd. T9K 1P1


4. Paddy McSwiggins

Anyone with a bit of Irish in them, and many without, are so excited that the doors to Paddy McSwiggins are open again! Breakfasts are as Irish Canadian as they come while. Fish and Chips and Chicken Curry are favouritesd, along with the Bangers and Mash, Guinness Stew and the ultimate in pub food, Shepherd’s pie. Have we mentioned the original wings are back and they are as good as ever?

320 Thickwood Boulevard, T9K 1Y1


5. Shanghai Kitchen Restaurant

Shanghai Kitchen’s dinner specials are great value for money, their egg foo yong is light and fluffy, the chop suey dishes are crisp and fresh and the curries are tingly and tasty. They do what they do well; every community needs Chinese Take Out and Shanghai kitchen is one of only four in our community.

Kids, $$
#2, 105 Thickwood Boulevard, T9H 5E5


6. Soleilki Japanese Fusion

Soleilki Japanese Fusion does fine bento boxes, value for money set dinners and party trays that make you want to have a party. Along with the wide range of sushi, sashimi, maki and temaki, the seaweed and spinach salads are fine fare and the crab salad is irresistible. Phone first as it’s a small restaurant.

Kids, $$
330 Thickwood Boulevard, T9K1S2
780-791-2666 •


7. Sweet Meats Sandwich Bar

Sweet Meats serves up outstanding sandwich, salad and soup options to cure those lunchtime cravings. From staples like Italian salamis and meatball subs to delightful seafood options and creative concoctions, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot here. Don’t forget to pair your sandwich with one of their delicious homemade soups!

Take-out, $$
608 Signal Road, T9H 4Z4
587-537-9864 •

Fast Food

A. A & W

A&W is a Canadian franchise of burger restaurants that does things a little differently. Their breakfast muffins are also served on a bun, much tastier, and their reputation was built on their root beer and root beer float. They also do chicken burgers alongside normal burgers, chicken pieces, poutine, onion rings and sweet potato fries.

Kids, Take-out, $
300 Thickwood Boulevard, T9K 1Y1
780-791-2227 •


B. Cosmos Pizza

As well as being well known for pizza, donairs and wings, Cosmos Pizza does a good selection of poutine plates, submarine sandwiches, pasta dishes (the fettucine alfredo pescatori is really special) chicken platters and even fish and chips. If you want real food done the real Canadian way, Cosmos pizza is pretty much your one stop restaurant. And don’t forget a side of Jalapeno poppers or battered mushrooms, zucchini sticks or popcorn shrimp, calamari or panzerotti.

Kids, Take-out, $
700 Signal Rd #9. T9H 4V8
780-791-6668 •


C. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is an indulgence. It’s how the rest of the world thinks North Americans live all the time. The blizzards are gooey ice-creamy goodness, the mushroom Swiss is why the Swiss invented Swiss cheese and the BBQ pulled pork makes you want to smear it on your lips. And how can you resist a cake? They’re just there in the fridge waiting for you to take them. And everyone believes we live like this all the time anyway don’t they? How can you not love something called the Reese’s peanut butter cups blizzard cake? It’s heavenly.

Kids, Take-out, $
101 Signal Rd. #11. T9H 4N6
780-743-1307 •


D. Hong Kong Eatery

The Hong Kong Eatery does catering party packs as well as dinner combos. Step a little bit lower and you will see the BBQ Duck Combo which has been a winner every time. They have a more extensive menu that most of their ilk and their adventurousness is to be applauded. The Asian fusion section is a revelation and the star if the show has always been the Cod Fillet in tomato and chili Garlic (J6 on the menu). They also have one of the best vegetarian selections in Fort McMurray and their bubble tea is frivolous fun.

Kids, Take-out, $$
700 Signal Rd, T9H 4V8
780-791-5577 •


E. Jomaa’s

Jomaa’s does a few things really well and they are good at them. Don’t visit one of their locations for haute cuisine, but if you want pizza or a donair, one of the Jomaas in Fort McMurray is the place to go. Donairs, in particular, are a special comfort food, and a family favourite is the lasagna.

Kids, Take-out, $
101 Signal Road, T9H 4N6
780-791-9191 •


F. Little Caesars Pizza

Takeaway pizza chain featuring chicken wings, signature ‘crazy’ breadsticks and pizza tossed from dough made in house. Home of the Hot-n-Ready pizza.

Kids, Take-out, $
100 Signal Road, T9H 5A3
780-750-0302 •


G. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is all about comfort food. You know what you’re getting, and everyone has their favourite. Parents like the convenience, children love the flavour, adults are nostalgic for a cheeseburger or a shake, and everyone loves the value. In addition to the burgers, fries, happy meals, chicken and breakfasts, their coffee is the best of all the food chains in Fort McMurray. There is nothing outwardly Canadian about the local stores on the normal menu. However, watch out for the occasional specials; poutine, maple syrup flavoured treats, salads, and even the McLobster.

24HRS, Kids, Take-out, $
96 Signal Road, T9H 5G4
780-790-9157 •


H. Mary Brown’s

Mary Brown’s is a chain famous for its fried chicken. Try the pulled chicken sandwich for something different, or delight in the familiarity of fried chicken with crisp skin and golden goodness inside. Pub style wings are also available as are chicken wraps, chicken burgers, popcorn chicken, chicken and tater fries, chicken fingers, and even tater poutine, to which you can add chicken. Mary Brown sticks to what they’re good at and that’s good enough for us.

Take-out, $$
#3, 213 Timberline Drive T9K 1S1


I. Panago

Panago Pizza offers variety: four sizes, five different types of crust and countless options for the pizza. They will deliver as well, and it’s a happy sight when that golden goodness arrives. All the shrimp choices have been thoroughly tested and not found wanting. The chocolate chunk pretzel cookie is sinfully good and the wings can get a bit heated, from salt and pepper all the way up to sriracha. Like all such establishments, watch for the deals, they’re worth it.

Kids, Take-out, $$
310 Thickwood Blvd #3, T9K 1S2
1-866-310-0001 •


J. Pizza 73

Pizza 73 offers life’s staples to Canadians; pizza, wings and pop. Watch out for the specials, there’s always something cheap and tasty. Tandoori chicken is sufficiently different as is the donair pizza, while the wings come in various flavours and as gluten-free, normal and boneless.

Kids, Take-out, $
105 Thickwood Boulevard, T9H 5E5
780-799-7373 •


K. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut sells what the name implies and the choices are pleasingly plentiful. Their wings are also tasty and the desserts are dangerously decadent combinations of Hersheys’ and cookies. The bacon Mac ’n’ Cheese meal is comfort food at its finest and the breadsticks are addictive. You have been warned.

Kids, Take-out, $$
414 Thickwood Boulevard, T9K 1P1


L. Subway

Subway is the largest submarine sandwich chain in North America and it became so through its fresh food and quality. With a large kid-friendly menu that includes special lunch packs and specialty subs like the chicken and bacon ranch melt, the Italian B.M.T panini, and as many choices as they have combinations of ingredients

Kids, Take-out, $
#8, 101 Signal Road T9H 4N6


M. Tim Hortons

A beacon of light and delight to all of the eh-team, they make nourishing meals, addictive coffee, iconic doughnuts and memories to share. Don’t be put off by the lines at the drive through. The wait is almost always seven minutes or less. Family favourites include the soup of the day or the chili, the savoury potato wedges that are rib-stickingly filling, and any of the sandwiches. Crullers, muffins, pastries, bagels and cookies abound as well, and always ask what the specials are, they’re worth it. If you travel across this great land plan your journey from Tims to Tims. Lastly, if you are new to our shores, you need to try, at least once, a double-double and a box of Timbits.

24HRS, Kids, Take-out, $
105 Thickwood Boulevard, T9H 5E5
780-743-4433 •