1. The Banquet

The first of its kind in Canada, The Banquet offers a “premium dive bar” experience across its massive 3-floor layout. This unique restaurant & bar has an extensive menu with twists of pub food classics, and an ever-rotating drink menu so check back often! Beyond the delicious food options, The Banquet features bowling, a giant rubix cube, giant Jenga, shuffleboard, a Price Is Right-style spin to win wheel, pool tables, cornhole, and more. A can’t-miss spot for a memorable night out!

Wi-fi, Kids before 10PM, Reservations, $$
155 Eagle Ridge Boulevard, T9K 2Z7
780-750-8696 • Thebanquetbar.com


2. Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is a superior pizza chain in 350 locations across Canada. The pizzas are good, the restaurants clean, the service staff friendly, and half of the building is made over to a walled off bar with the same menu and enough screens to watch all the hockey in the world. In addition, they do the traditional North American starters, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, salads and main courses, (the steaks and ribs are really good, even by Alberta standards). The kids’ menus keep the little ones quiet, they can do gluten free, and watch out for the specials in the middle of the table, always worth exploring. The spinach and artichoke dip and the flatbreads are stars of the starters, the pasta dishes are big enough to share or pack the leftovers for lunch the next day, and the pizzas are, not surprisingly, worth making the trip. In addition, they will deliver everything on their menu, so if you want to stay home give them a call.

Reservations, Take-out, Delivery, Kids, $$
110 Millennium Drive, T9K 1Y8
780-715-1999 • Bostonpizza.com


3. Creations Dining & Lounge

Located in the Best Western Plus Sawridge Suites, just off Highway 63 in the TaigaNova Business Park, Creations offers you an extensive breakfast and dinner buffets, as well as a lounge menu. All this is complimented by a fine selection of beers, wines and spirits. With daily drink specials and event days, it is well worth dropping by to learn more about who they are.

Reservations, Take-out, Kids, Wi-fi, $$
410 TaigaNova Cres. T9K 0T4


4. East Village Pub

The East Village Pub is a new gastro-pub in the suburbs of Fort McMurray and it is trying, and succeeding at doing something different. The Guinness stew is superb, the goat cheese chicken is bold and adventurous and the Maple Curry Chicken is a fusion take on a classic. The ultimate test is the fish and chips, and theirs is great with crispy batter and decent fries. This is a bar that will be around for a long time to come.

Take-out, Wi-fi, $$
#101, 395 Loutit Road, T9K 0Z4


5. Great Canadian Brew House

The Great Canadian Brewhouse sells a lot of beer and a lot of wings, and they are good at both. They also have seven different poutines and about 20 more bar snack style dishes (the pierogis and yam frites are both worth ordering). Eight different burgers five wraps and at least 30 more things in the menu means you’re spoiled for choice. The Brewhouse is proudly Canadian and buzzes on game night.

Kids before 9PM, Take-out, Reservations, $$
#117, 108 Riverstone Ridge, T9K 1S6


6. Higher Ground Coffee and Tea House

The Higher Ground motto should be: baked goods you shouldn’t feel bad about. This grab and go coffee and tea shop in Timberlea offers delicious ketogenic – low carb, high fat – baked goods, gourmet coffee, milkshakes, bubble tea and much more. With a cozy atmosphere and talented baristas – Higher Ground is a trailblazer in the city, blurring the lines between sweet treats and diet-friendly foods.

Take-out, $$
#5 – 289 Powder Drive, T9K 0M3

7. Jolly Jay

You might go to Jolly Jay to celebrate and play games, but a little birdie says you’ll keep coming back for the butter chicken poutine. That’s right – not only does Jolly Jay serve food from a quaint and unassuming kitchen, but it serves some fusion food along with the classics like pizza, chicken wings and the like. If you’re curious about the other food options – join the Jolly Club for updates.

Kids, $$
#21 – 165 Eagle Ridge Boulevard, T9K 2Y7
587-258-1888 • jollyjay.ca

8. Pizza Plus Donairs & Wings

Pizza Plus boosts being the best pizza in Fort McMurray. They pride themselves on delivering the freshest ingredients possible, handmade into signature pizzas by pizza experts. In addition to pizzas, the menu contains donairs, wings, sandwiches and pasta. You can choose to eat-in, take-out or receive free delivery in Timberlea, Dickinsfield and Thickwood with a minimum order of $15.

Kids, Take-out, Delivery, $$
122 Millennium Dr # 3, T9K 2S8
780-370-5555 • pizzaplus.co


9. Spring Moon

Spring Moon has two restaurants in Fort McMurray, downtown and Timberlea. Both offer the same tantalizing menu, and it will take plenty of return visits to even sample every kind of dish. We are fond of the donburi (rice bowls), barbequed eel is spectacular, as are the tuna and salmon sashimi. The mussel miso soup is a different take on the standard classic, and the Sunomono salad, shrimp/octopus/surf clam, is a tasteful take on a starter. Of particular interest are the lunch specials, designed to get you back to work on time.

Take-out, Reservations, $$$
#180-151 Loutit Road, T9K 0K6


10. The Rice Bowl

With only takeout and delivery options, The Rice Bowl has service down pat – it’s fast and friendly and the food stays fresh. While the name might be The Rice Bowl, they put just as much care into their non-rice dishes as well, like the dried ribs, wonton soup and stir fried vermicelli noodles. Stop by for a cold bubble tea on a hot day or drop in for some steaming red curry when the temps dip; all the menu options are authentically Asian.

Reservations, Take-out, $$
#160 – 151 Loutit Road, T9K 0K6


11. Triple S Noodle Bar

So what exactly are the three S’s of Triple S Noodle Bar? Sip. Slurp. Savour. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as the ramen bowls will make you do just that. They hand make the noodles (just peer over the glass counter to see for yourself) and home make the broth – what gets better than that? The Miso Tonkotsu Ramen will have you asking yourself, “how many slurps will it take to get to the bottom of the bowl?” Try for yourself.

Reservations, Take-out, $$
#110 – 108 Riverstone Ridge, T9K 1S6


12. YMM Poke

YMM Poke? Or should it be called YUM Poke? Either way – the reviews are out and Fort McMurray’s newest Poke resto is a hit. The bountiful brightly-coloured bowls are filled with raw sushi-grade tuna, salmon or whichever other cooked protein you prefer from their long list of options and topped with more fresh goodness like avocado, edamame, cucumber and crispy garlic – yum, right? And if all that’s not enough to get you in the door, they even serve bubble waffles and ice cream. Seriously swooning.

Take-out, Reservations, $$
102-100 Riverstone Ridge

Fast Food

A. Booster Juice

In addition to just about every kind of juice, booster or smoothie known to mankind, Booster Juice also serve a willing selection of food; paninis, wraps, quesadillas are all on the list and the smoothies are almost a meal by themselves. Try The UnBeet-able and The Ripped Berry. The Refresher, too, does what its name implies – its mint, cucumber, apple and pineapple mix reaches the taste buds with a satisfying swirl.

Kids, Take-out, $
#130, 347 Powder Drive, T9K 0M3


B. Chinese Flavor

Chinese Flavor has special dinner menus for 2-8 people with 13 add on items. Plus if you order off the menu they have all the regular take out items plus some surprises, Try the Almond Soo Gai chicken, deep fried scallops, Szechuan Fish, black pepper sauce beef and the soy sauce noodle. Special occasion trays are also available.

Kids, Take-out, $
#108, 108 Riverstone Ridge, T9K1S6


C. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is a well known chain. They have 4 crusts, 3 sizes, 7 sides (try the roasted garlic), as well as parmesan bites and cinna stix to finish everything off. And then there is the chocolate lava crunch cake, as gooey and gorgeous as you can imagine. Order online and they’ll deliver to your door.

Take-out, Delivery, Kids, $$
#110, 108 Riverstone Ridge, T9K1S6


D. Jomaa’s

Jomaa’s does a few things really well and they are good at them. Don’t visit one of their locations for haute cuisine, but if you want pizza or a donair, one of the Jomaas in Fort McMurray is the place to go. Donairs, in particular, are a special comfort food, and a family favourite is the lasagna.

Kids, Take-out, $
102 Millennium Drive, T9K 1Y8
780-790-1500 • Jomaaspizza.ca


E. Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice is a wellness restaurant and you can even buy wellness shots as part of your meal. If the turmeric tonic is a bit strong for breakfast, the wheatgrass will do the trick. Avocado on sourdough is a great start to the day as well, and dragon fruit is as exotic sounding as it tastes. Any of their smoothies are filling and nutritional, the blushing mango is a choice option. In addition their vegetable wraps give you a virtuous meal to go and a fruit salad is a better choice than a sinful dessert.

Kids, Take-out, $
102-100 Riverstone Ridge



KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken.

Kids, Take-out, $
#100, 347 Powder Drive  T9K 0M3
780-792-0013 • kfc.ca


G. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is all about comfort food. You know what you’re getting, and everyone has their favourite. Parents like the convenience, children love the flavour, adults are nostalgic for a cheeseburger or a shake, and everyone loves the value. In addition to the burgers, fries, happy meals, chicken and breakfasts, their coffee is the best of all the food chains in Fort McMurray. There is nothing outwardly Canadian about the local stores on the normal menu. However, watch out for the occasional specials; poutine, maple syrup flavoured treats, salads, and even the McLobster.

24HRS, Kids, Take-out, $
#105, 112 Riverstone Ridge, T9K 1S6
780-743-2380 • Mcdonalds.ca


H. Marble Slab Creamery

Small-batch ice cream is hand-blended with loads of mix-ins that you can choose from a menu or build your own.

Kids, Take-out, $$
#112, 108 Riverstone Ridge, T9K 1S6


I. Mucho Burrito

A fast food service establishment with a difference as the food is made in front of you. While the tacos are good and the quesadillas are toastily tasty, the burritos are the star of the show. Six styles of meat, sauce, rice, vegetables, two types of beans and at least a dozen other choices. They are also licensed and this is definitely a meal that requires a Dos Equis! Don’t forget the churros at the end!

Kids, Take-out, $$
355 Loutit Road, T9K 0L4
587-258-7766 • Muchoburrito.com


J. Quiznos

Specialize in submarine sandwiches as well as salads, soups, pizza and ciabatta bun specials. They’ll make any combination of the 50 plus ingredients they have. The chicken mesquite is tangy and tasty while the peppercorn steak rivals anything served by more conventional restaurants. For lighter fare, the veggie guacamole is crunchy and wholesome. And the big pepperoni pizza, with 4 cheeses and sautéed mushrooms, is an off-the-wall joy. What a treat.

Kids, Take-out, $
#120, 347 Powder Drive, T9K 0M3


K. Starbucks

Starbucks serves the coffee you know and love, and in recent years their sandwiches have kicked up their service a notch or two. The double-smoked bacon cheddar and egg is a morning favourite as is the spicy chorizo, Monterey Jack and egg, and the spinach quiche. There are healthier options to assuage the guilt of the caramel macchiato, like vegetable wraps and a turkey breakfast sandwich, but once you’ve walked through the door don’t feel guilty, Starbucks is an experience.

Wi-fi, Kids, Take-out, $
#107, 112 Riverstone Ridge, T9K 1S6
780-743-6331 • Starbucks.ca


L. Subway

Subway is the largest submarine sandwich chain in North America and it became so through its fresh food and quality. With a large kid-friendly menu that includes special lunch packs and specialty subs like the chicken and bacon ranch melt, the Italian B.M.T panini, and as many choices as they have combinations of ingredients

Kids, Take-out, $
114 Millennium Drive, T9K 2S8


M. Taco Bell

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

Kids, Take-out, $
#100, 347 Powder Dr, T9K 0M3
(780) 792-0013 • tacobell.ca


N. Tim Hortons

A beacon of light and delight to all of the eh-team, they make nourishing meals, addictive coffee, iconic doughnuts and memories to share. Don’t be put off by the lines at the drive through. The wait is almost always seven minutes or less. Family favourites include the soup of the day or the chili, the savoury potato wedges that are rib-stickingly filling, and any of the sandwiches. Crullers, muffins, pastries, bagels and cookies abound as well, and always ask what the specials are, they’re worth it. If you travel across this great land plan your journey from Tims to Tims. Lastly, if you are new to our shores, you need to try, at least once, a double-double and a box of Timbits.

24HRS, Kids, Take-out, $
#101, 375 Loutit Road, T9K 2W6
780-743-0520 • TimHortons.ca