Unique Dining Experiences in Wood Buffalo


When it comes to food and entertainment in Fort McMurray, there certainly is no shortage of options. And if you’re looking for a delicious, exciting experience, there’s not shortage of those options, either.

Here are just some of the memory-making, tastebud-tantalizing adventures you can have around Wood Buffalo.


Winter Road – Be sure to stop for lunch at the Athabasca Café in Fort Chip!

Fort Chipewyan is Alberta’s oldest settled community. Over 200 years of rich history has created a destination that has enticed explorers, fur traders and adventure enthusiasts since the 18th century.

Located on the southwest tip of Lake Athabasca, one of western Canada’s largest lakes, Fort Chipewyan is nestled in some of this country’s most spectacular natural beauty and wildlife reserves. The quiet beauty and remote location create the impression of stepping back in time. A must see in Fort Chipewyan is the Bicentennial Museum and having a meal at the Athabasca Cafe which has a rich long standing  history.

Steeped in history this region is a living testament to the people who live here. The region is stamped with their time honored traditions, their natural and authentic way of life, and their love for the land and water.  Getting out on the water for fishing or berry picking is a way of life and taking in one of the festivals like Ice Fishing Derby in winter or one of the summer festivals.

In summer, Fort Chipewyan may be accessed by air or by boat from Fort McMurray. Winter roads link the community of Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray, the 280 kilometer from Fort McMurray takes only a few hours and driving the winter roads is a unique experience.

If you’ve never been out of the city to explore some of our rural communities, you have been missing out!


Zee Bar is located in Anzac, approximately 40 kilometers southeast of Fort McMurray. It is Gregoire Lake and Anzac’s destination for great food and great entertainment.  At Zee Bar, the secret to good food starts with fresh ingredients. From their tasty giant burgers, the menu delivers a fresh perspective on the traditional pub fare.

Don’t forget to stop at Breakaway Cafe located in the Anzac Rec Centre, it offers some of the best soup and sandwiches you’ll ever have!  And shop local, Anzac Grocery has an amazing selection of products and small town friendly service.

Whether you are stopping by for dinner after work or taking a day trip from Fort McMurray on your motorcycle or snowmobile, Anzac offers fresh homemade food in a beautiful setting.

Don’t forget to check out the beach at Gregoire Lake, it has a beautiful beach and picnic area that’s perfect for family picnics and BBQ’s on a summer day!


Did you know that Fort McMurray has their very own Opimian chapter?

Opimian is Canada’s largest wine club. They offer members the chance to discover unique wines, producers and experiences from around the world and host special events and dinners throughout the year.  For more information contact Carl Deane at fortmc@ar.opim.ca.


Dîner En Blanc

Dîner en Blanc has become a worldwide epicurean phenomenon, with events held yearly in more than 50 different cities around the world, including Fort McMurray!

The “Secret” dinner party is all about friends, joining friends under the stars to enjoy a magical evening in one of the city’s most beautiful public spaces! Part of the concept and excitement is the secret location which is only revealed to the guests at the very last minute. All dressed in white and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, guest’s set up for a mass picnic under the stars.

The event is further special as it requires involvement from each participant, it is not a simple matter of being a “spectator” one becomes an “actor” in the event. Guests spend weeks preparing their gourmet menu, their equipment and of course, their all-white attire for the evening. Everything must be white!

Dîner en Blanc promotes sustainability by enforcing the use of reusable materials for setting the table as well encourages guests to source locally grown produce for their gourmet meal and to shop locally for their equipment and attire. For more information, visit fortmcmurray.dinerenblanc.com.


Constant Comfort Fort McMurray Food Festival

The inaugural Constant Comfort Fort McMurray Food Festival will take place July 27-31, 2017, and will incorporate a group of new events and some familiar events from previous festivals in Wood Buffalo history.

The aim of this festival is to incorporate the best of what Wood Buffalo has to offer for foodies, entertainment lovers and those seeking a great summer festival experience with events targeted for food lovers of all ages! For more information about this great weekend, visit fortmcmurrayfoodfestival.ca.


Food Trucks

Whether you have a craving for poutine, or lobster, or almost anything in between, you’re sure to find it at one (or more) of Fort McMurray’s food trucks. These mobile gastronomic experiences include Sizzlers, known as the finest meat to go,  Neighbour Dave’s Food Truck, boasting gourmet grilled cheese, amongst other things, The Grub Wagon which serves daily breakfast and lunch specials, The Armoury Grill which features burgers tacos and more, and Nova Scotia Lobster in Alberta…serving, you guessed it: lobster!

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