Street Eats in Fort McMurray


Many first-time visitors will find Fort McMurray’s eating options comparable to other Canadian cities as it has almost every favourite franchise recognizable to a frequent traveller. Boston Pizza, Earls, Fat Burger and The Key are just a few of the many popular restaurants.

However, what you don’t usually see from a quick, drive-by perspective are the hidden nuggets found throughout the city – and were not talking about the kind you receive in a Happy Meal.

It’s Fort McMurray’s food truck scene found tucked inside of parking lots and showcased at many of the city’s most popular outdoor events. And because the city is a melting pot of Canadians from coast-to-coast and people from around the world, the delicious food found inside the trucks easily target locals’ taste buds.


East Coast Street Eats

With fresh lobster cooked straight from the pot, residents are raving about East Coast Street Eats. This newly launched meals on wheels offers a shellfish menu with items like the lobster roll and lobster mac & cheese. Food truck classics also include fries with gravy and poutine. The black-painted truck can be found at McMurray Dirt Riders Association’s Bike Track on weekends (located on the south of the city on Highway 63) and in the RONA parking lot at 8408 Manning Avenue during weekdays. Updates are posted on their Facebook page.


Neighbour Dave Food Truck

Found at 1 Hospital Street, Neighbour Dave Food Truck serves fast-food favourites like poutine, grill cheese and BBQ burgers. The chip truck is commonly greeted by Canadian Tire customers as its situated within the store’s parking lot. If residents are craving traditional hand-cut fries, you’ll find them hanging out at Neighbour Dave’s seasoning spuds with salt and vinegar. Contact 506.999.3262 for seasonal business hours information and further inquiries.


Marjorie’s Concession on the Go

Residents can find all the fry truck classics with special extras at Marjorie’s Concession. This particular mobile kitchen serves fresh-cut fries, hamburgers, cod fish and chips, hotdogs, tacos in a bag and also has a Newfie dressing (a savoury mixture of bread and onion) available as a topping. With affordable prices, the truck is situated in the Canadian Tire parking lot at 1 Hospital Street on Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and closed Sunday. Updates can be found on the Facebook page.


Meadow Creek Farms

The farmers from Meadow Creek have been delivering their fresh products to Fort McMurray for years with their free-range and natural fed chickens, turkey and pork. They also bring of a long list of organic vegetables including potatoes, dill, cucumbers, field tomatoes, rhubarb and beets to name a few. The owners can be found frequently at the seasonal Fort McMurray Urban Market and pre-order options are available. During the winter season, see their delivery calendar online at. or call 780-650-2047.


Nova Scotia’s Fresh Lobster

Often parked by the Peter Pond Mall, Nova Scotia’s Fresh Lobster food truck sells fresh seafood seasonally from May to July. It brings the taste of the East coast with lobsters and scallops. The items come packaged ready for locals to take home to make their favourite meals. When in the city, the truck is open for sales seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Residents can watch for updates of the Nova Scotia’s Fresh Lobster – Fort McMurray Facebook page for announcements or call 902.863.8887.


Sweet Rolls Creamery

New to the city is the Sweet Rolls Creamery. It takes the standard ice cream truck to another level with its unique presentation of rolled desserts. Rolled ice cream – also known as stir-fried ice cream – is a Thai frozen treat. It’s made by pouring ingredients onto an extremely cold surface and scraped off into a roll using a metal spatula. Once it’s rolled up into a bowl, it can be topped with whipped cream, fudge, sprinkles and all the sweet fixings. There are plenty of flavours to choose from and the Creamery is usually parked at RONA’s. See their Facebook page for updates.


Viva Los Tacos – Fort McMurray

Celebrating over a year in the Fort McMurray food truck scene is Viva Los Tacos. With menu items like taco de langosta (lobster tacos), jalapeño al tocino (jalapenos stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon) and shrimp and tilapia tacos, this hot and spicy food vendor has been receiving five-star rates since opening in 2017. It delivers authentic Mexican dishes to its location behind Boomtown Casino on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Hardin Street. For updates, find them @vivalostacosfortmcmurray on Facebook or call 780-880-6176.


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