The Landmark Cinema Experience: Fort McMurray’s New Theatre Makes Its Mark in Eagle Ridge

Since the new Landmark Cinemas opened its doors at the Commons business development in November 2018, residents have been enjoying Hollywood films in luxury.

As for the location in Eagle Ridge, Landmark Cinemas has become the Common’s platform, and residents have been now enjoying the movies in an upscale entertainment district.

It has set the tone for the other businesses opening and coming into the new retail centre, which also includes a family arcade and play place, fast-food restaurants, a premium dive bar, coffee shops and many more.

When comparing the old theatre to the new, the most repeated positive feedback is the comfort brought into the local movie-watching.

Landmark Cinemas Marketing & Promotions Manager Ashley Kruger explained how the recliner seating experience originated in London, Ontario in 2015, and continues to launch around the country.

“The new recliner experience was an instant “Wow!” with our guests. And since this time, Landmark has continued to introduce the recliner experience through renovations of existing theatres, and new theatres, such as our location in Fort McMurray,” Kruger said.

The recliner seats are one of the many experiences offered at Landmark, which also include Laser Ultra, reserved seating, sensory-friendly films and much more. The premium, luxury, powered recliner seats experience is complete in four simple steps: Reserve. Recline. Relax. Enjoy.

Landmark was been busy adding the new recliner experience to its franchise across Canada. Kruger stated the decision to bring them to Fort McMurray was based on population studies and the former theatres’ state and much-needed renovation status.

“Many factors contribute to our decision to build new theatres or renovate existing locations from population studies to the extent of required renovations,” she said. “Each project is evaluated to ensure that we maximize the Guest Experience and provide Movie Lovers with the ultimate movie-going experience.”

Making a Mark in Movies

Landmark Cinemas offer a variety of Value-Added Programs and promotions which take place on a regular basis. For more information, Movie Deals and Contests, go to

Summer Movie 10-Pack

Summer 2019 at Landmark Cinemas is offering mega movie savings with the Summer Movie 10-Pack card. What does the card offer: 10x admissions, 10 x 10% off concession, $20+ movie saving coupons, easy-to-share availability and redeemable in-theatre and online at Watch Toy Story 4, Spider-Man – Far from Home, Disney’s The Lion King, Dora and The Lost City of Gold, The Angry Birds Movie 2 and much more and collect 10x the experience by saving. A full list of details is available online.

Birthday Parties

Landmark Cinemas make birthday parties easy and put the icing on the cake! The party room at the theatre provides guests with a dedicated space for the party group – and you can bring your own cake, treats and presents. With the booking, a Landmark Cast Member will assist you through the entire experience from the party room to the auditorium with concession delivered to your seat. There are three birthday packages to choose from and can be found online at

Kid’s Day – Sunday

Every Sunday, children aged 13 and under get the chance to “Defeat Boring Sundays” with a movie deal. Tagged as “Funday”, movie tickets and a Snack Pack, which includes popcorn, drink and choice of candy treat are offered at a discounted price. The Kid’s Day BOX is $15.40 and can be purchased in advance online or at the concession. This offer is available on all Sundays throughout the entire calendar year.

Reel Deal – Tuesday

Tuesday – it may just be the ‘Favourite Day of Movie Lovers Everywhere’ because its Landmarks biggest day to save on box office hits. Every Tuesday, guests can save up to 40 percent off their movie tickets – all day and night.

Movie Twosome – Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Landmark Cinemas offers a great promotion for moviegoers in pair with two admissions, two medium fountain drinks, a large popcorn (with a free refill) and a choice of candy at a discounted price. Whether it’s a date night, an evening out with a best friend or a family member, Movie Twosome is great for checking out a new flick. Select the ‘Movie Twosome PKG BOX’ when purchasing online.

Morning Movies

Whether you are a morning person or not, catching a flick before lunchtime is a great way to start the day and take advantage of 40% off ticket admission. Landmark Cinemas offers this promotion weekly according to availability at the local location, so go online before you go. Additional restrictions may apply.

Sensory Friendly Films

Landmark Cinemas caters to all movie-watching types and for those Movie Lovers who prefer or require a sensory-friendly environment, the theatre has you covered. This experience features raised house lights and lowered volume and guests may bring their assistive devices and personal food items. Sensory-friendly films are shown in the mornings of every second Saturday each month.

Park the Stroller

Landmark is family-friendly for everyone of all ages, even the youngest family members! Every Tuesday, Movie Lovers can enjoy the latest blockbuster or indie-films in a baby-friendly environment. The lighting is adjusted for better visibility and the volume is turned down. Baby talk is encouraged here and parents are free to roam and tackle any requirements needed during the movie. And, of course, stroller parking is available.