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            ort McMurray and the   and inventive food and
            surrounding region   drink offerings, and
        Fare very important   unparalleled entertainment
        to Suncor. It’s where we   options.  We’re honoured
        started, and where we plan  and excited to be the
        to be for decades.    presenting partner,
          That’s why, in 2018,   showcasing all of what Fort
        Wood Buffalo Suncor   McMurray has to offer to
        employees logged more   residents and visitors.
        than 15,600 volunteer   This Guide speaks to
        hours and raised $1.39   much of what makes Fort
        million for local community  McMurray a wonderful
        organizations. Whether   place to call home. The
        it’s their time, experience,   experiences found within
        money – or all three – our   the pages contribute to the
        employees love giving   enjoyment we all find here,
        back to their community.   proudly served up by local
        And, through the SunCares  establishments that have
        Community Giving      set roots in the community.
        Network, they can plan   These businesses
        community giving and   have transformed our
        volunteer opportunities   community from a
        year-round.           boomtown to a hometown.
          We all know a healthy
        community is multi-   Cheers and enjoy the 2019
        faceted which is why we’re   Food & Entertainment
        so proud to partner on   Guide!
        the third annual Food &
        Entertainment Guide. This   Shelley Powell, Senior Vice
        region is full of delicious   President, Base Plant

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