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                                              7   Letter from the Publisher
         Editor-in-Chief/Publisher - Krista Balsom
                                              9   Letter from the Presenting
         Managing Editor – Kerri Johnson-Leland   Partner: Suncor
         Creative Director – Andrew Johnstone
         CFO/Accounts Manager – Pauline Kelley  Restaurant & Bar Guide

         Contributors:  Photography:          12   Downtown
         Dawn Booth   Valeria Boltneva (Pexels)   30   Thickwood
         Mitchel Bowers  Robert Grandjambe    36   Timberlea
         Tyler Cole   Nicole Greville
         Hanna Fridhed  Matt Piercey          42   Dickinsfield & Wood Buffalo
         Nicole Greville  Steve Reeve         44   Gregoire
         Alisa Howell  Christina Rolufs       50   At The Airport
         Curtis J. Phillips
         Shelley Powell

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